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__gmp_expr< mpq_t, mpq_t > Class Template Reference

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Public Member Functions

mpq_srcptr __get_mp () const
mpq_ptr __get_mp ()
 __gmp_expr (signed int i)
 __gmp_expr (const char *s)
 __gmp_expr (const char *s, int base)
 __gmp_expr (unsigned int i)
 __gmp_expr (const std::string &s)
 __gmp_expr (const std::string &s, int base)
 __gmp_expr (unsigned short int s)
 __gmp_expr (signed short int s)
 __gmp_expr (mpq_srcptr q)
 __gmp_expr (const mpz_class &num, const mpz_class &den)
 __gmp_expr (const __gmp_expr &q)
template<class T , class U >
 __gmp_expr (const __gmp_expr< T, U > &expr)
 __gmp_expr (signed char c)
 __gmp_expr (signed long int l)
 __gmp_expr (unsigned long int l)
 __gmp_expr (unsigned char c)
 __gmp_expr (float f)
 __gmp_expr (double d)
void canonicalize ()
double get_d () const
mpz_classget_den ()
const mpz_classget_den () const
mpz_ptr get_den_mpz_t ()
mpz_srcptr get_den_mpz_t () const
mpq_ptr get_mpq_t ()
mpq_srcptr get_mpq_t () const
const mpz_classget_num () const
mpz_classget_num ()
mpz_ptr get_num_mpz_t ()
mpz_srcptr get_num_mpz_t () const
unsigned long int get_prec () const
std::string get_str (int base=10) const
__gmp_expr & operator= (unsigned int i)
__gmp_expr & operator= (signed short int s)
__gmp_expr & operator= (unsigned char c)
__gmp_expr & operator= (const char *s)
__gmp_expr & operator= (const std::string &s)
__gmp_expr & operator= (float f)
__gmp_expr & operator= (signed long int l)
__gmp_expr & operator= (unsigned short int s)
template<class T , class U >
__gmp_expr< value_type,
value_type > & 
operator= (const __gmp_expr< T, U > &expr)
__gmp_expr & operator= (signed char c)
__gmp_expr & operator= (unsigned long int l)
__gmp_expr & operator= (double d)
__gmp_expr & operator= (signed int i)
__gmp_expr & operator= (const __gmp_expr &q)
int set_str (const char *s, int base)
int set_str (const std::string &s, int base)

Private Types

typedef mpq_t value_type

Private Attributes

value_type mp

Detailed Description

class __gmp_expr< mpq_t, mpq_t >

Definition at line 1884 of file Lgmpfrxx.h.

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