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#define cxxop(op) \
template<typename T> inline mpfr_class op(const T& x) {\
      mpfr_class ret,y=x;\
      mpfr_##op(ret.get_mpfr_t(), y.get_mpfr_t(), __gmp_default_rounding_mode);\
      return ret;\

cxxop(log) cxxop(exp) cxxop(cos) cxxop(sin) cxxop(tan)
cxxop(atan) cxxop(cosh) cxxop(sinh) cxxop(rint)


#define cxxlongop(op) \
inline mpfr_class operator op(const mpfr_class& x, const long long& y) { return x op (double)y; } \
inline mpfr_class operator op(const long long& y, const mpfr_class& x) { return (double)y op x; }

cxxlongop(+) cxxlongop(*) cxxlongop(-) cxxlongop(/)

template<typename T> inline mpfr_class atan2(const T& y, const T& x) {
            if(y>0) return Pi/2;
            else if(y<0) return -Pi/2;
            else return 0;
      else if(x>0) return atan(y/x);
            if(y>0) return atan(y/x)+Pi;
            else return atan(y/x)-Pi;


template<typename T, typename U> inline mpfr_class pow(const T& a, const U& b) {
      return exp(log(a)*b);

// Called by the init function when the precision is changed
template<class T> inline void reset(T& t) {

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